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Studio Policies

Be sure to read each newsletter for all of our studio info each month.

Mindful can be at 100% occupancy now per Covid19 mandates. Also, masks are optional inside Mindful as per the new state mandate. We are following the CDC guidelines and will adjust as more information becomes available.

We will maintain social distancing in our classes. Instructors now may give you hands-on adjustments during class. If you'd prefer verbal cues and no touching please let your instructor know at each class.

Please do not attend in-person classes if you or your kids are sick at all (cough, cold, flu, allergies). Do a virtual class instead. Thanks for making it through this extremely tough pandemic with us. Happy to be out on the other side.

Also, please share our studio with your friends and family!

Studio Schedule
Class schedules and instructors are not set in stone and will change seasonally, as well as with class attendance and demand. All scheduled classes will be instructed as long as 2 people are registered. This policy also pertains to the early a.m. classes and Mindful Run Club. At least 2 or more participants must be registered to hold the class. Classes with chronically low attendance may be removed from the schedule. Classes may be canceled on occasion due to weather, road conditions, instructor sickness/injuries, or unavailability for class coverage. On these occasions, we will try our best to notify you a few hours in advance and offer a virtual class in place. Please be flexible and understanding with the studio schedule as we do our very best to meet the needs of our Mindful community.

Stroller Policy
During a kid-friendly class, all children age 3 or younger must remain secured in a stroller or carrier during class. Your instructor will let you know when it's safe for your children to get out of the stroller. Babywearing is allowed and modifications will be provided. Newborns and non-mobile babies can lay on a blanket next to you. If your child needs your attention, please take a break from class and attend to them. You can push your child around at any time during class if needed. Please come prepared with snacks, movies, games, and toys. Please feel free to take a break from class if you need to feed your baby. Please clean up after your children.

Postpartum/Impact Policy
Women can return to the studio and exercise at 6 weeks postpartum (vaginal) or 8 weeks postpartum (cesarean). For your safety and your healing, we have a strict 16 week no impact postpartum policy. Low impact modifications will be provided and you will be checked for diastasis recti. Those with diastasis recti will have to modify certain moves and avoid some classes until they are healed.

Registration/Cancellation Policy
Please register for your classes in advance. If you are unable to make it to your class please disenroll yourself at least an hour before class starts to avoid the $5 late cancellation/no show fee. Early morning classes and Mindful Run Club must be registered for or canceled by 10pm the night before. The $5 late cancellation/no-show fee will be automatically charged to your card on file.

Membership Terms and Conditions
All membership contracts are month-to-month. All membership changes or cancellations need to be made in writing via email by the 20th of the month. Unused classes do not roll over to the next month. All membership payments are automatically withdrawn on the 1st of the month. There is a $20 late payment fee for all payments received after the 1st. The fee will be invoiced to your account. The membership payment and late fee must be paid before returning to class. All class packages expire in 90 days. An updated card must be on file in your account at all times.

Studio Rules
1. Please be on time for your class or let your instructor know if you're running late.
2. Please leave the studio nicer than when you arrived.
3. Please do not touch the mirrors.
4. Please clean up after yourself, and wipe down any equipment you used from the studio
5. Please clean up after your children. This includes sweeping/mopping/wiping messes, straightening up the playroom, returning toys to the playroom, and cleaning up any bathroom messes.
6. Do not leave food or drinks in the trashcan.
7. Do not leave diapers or food in the trashcan. Please take them outside to the dumpster.
8. Do not talk on the phone during class. If you get a call you must take, please step outside as to not disrupt the class.
9. Please keep the hallway door to the bathrooms shut at all times.
10. Please be quiet in the hallway and bathroom areas.
11. Do not leave trash in the parking lot.
12. Please be kind and respectful to everyone in the class. Please no gossip and no rude behavior. Our studio is a safe place for everyone.