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Terms and conditions for Mindful RUN CLUB (member price)

For all membership contracts including RUN CLUB memberships I understand and agree that all changes or cancellations need to be made in writing via email by the 20th of the month prior to the next billing cycle. I understand that, provided that I give at least ten (10) business days written notice via email before the next billing date, I may cancel a Month to Month Contract with no penalty. I will not be refunded any prior or current billing if I cancel mid-month or fail to provide sufficient written notice of cancellation. I understand that there is a late fee of $20 for payments made after the 1st of the month and it will be added to my monthly bill. I understand that I will not be able to attend classes with an unpaid bill. I understand that I have a three (3) day “cooling off” period during which I may cancel any membership contract by emailing the Owner, otherwise I will be deemed to have accepted all billing contract terms. All products and memberships are not returnable or refundable.